Wagon Programs

If you’re looking for help managing your relationship with drugs and alcohol, Wagon offers a convenient option to connect with a counsellor.  Wagon uses safe and secure video conferencing software to provide a variety of online programs. From assessments to group therapy to long-term outpatient programs, our online therapy is convenient and accessible for those who cannot connect with a therapist in person. Wagon is suitable for those who have never engaged in treatment before, or for those who have and are looking to supplement their care.

At Wagon, we follow best practices for counselling. You’ll develop a relationship with one counsellor, but the entire Wagon team will be available to support you with a variety of programs. All of our clinicians are experienced and registered psychotherapists, social workers or clinical counsellors.

Each Wagon program includes the use of the Wagon app. You and your counsellor will discuss your goals and create a plan that will help you achieve them. You’ll track your progress on your phone and log your emotions and triggers. Your counsellor will be able to view your progress, using that data to provide you with helpful suggestions for your recovery.

Every program begins with a consultation with the counsellor of your choice. Together, you’ll decide which program is the best fit for you. If you decided to proceed, your counsellor will register for your program during your consultation.

Wagon Coaching

The Wagon coaching program focuses on providing encouragement, support and guidance. Our experienced addiction counsellors will work with you to create a custom recovery plan that addresses your specific challenges.

Each week, you will connect with your counsellor for a 15 or 30-minute video coaching session where you’ll review your goal completion and the feelings and triggers you’ve logged this week. You and your counsellor will focus on strategies that will help you achieve your goals, manage your feelings and address barriers to ongoing sobriety. Throughout the week, your counsellor will monitor your progress, and you may receive emails based on how you are doing.

This program is great to pair with group therapy. That way you’ll get the benefits of both group and one-on-one attention. Sessions can be booked through the week, evenings and weekends.

Note: This program is often facilitated by clinicians who are in the last few months of their Master’s Degree. Wagon Health Solutions is committed to supporting and encouraging student clinicians. However, we only hire students who have at least 5 years’ experience in the field and are completing Master’s Programs in counselling psychology, social work, etc.


$150.00 per month for weekly 15 minute sessions

$300.00 per month for weekly 30 minute sessions

Individual Counselling

Individual counselling is often the starting place for those who want to explore their relationship with drugs and alcohol. Through our counselling, you’ll receive the support you need from a caring and compassionate counsellor in your own home. In your individual session, you can explore the deeper issues surrounding your mental health.

Our counselling team is trained to support substance use disorders, compulsive sexual behaviour, problem gambling and trauma. They can also help you manage any mental health disorders associated with addiction.

Our experienced addiction counsellors will help you set goals and establish a healthy recovery. Our 50-minute sessions can be booked evening, weekends and during business hours.

Cost: $150.00 per session

Group Therapy

Our online group therapy sessions provide you with a chance to connect and process with others in a similar situation. Group therapy is an important part of addiction recovery; your fellow group members will act as a support network, helping you by sharing their own experience. Your group can be a place to talk through the difficulties you experience and brainstorm idea to improve them.

You may feel like you are alone or that you are the only one struggling, but you aren’t.  Our clients consistently report that their group is a safe and supportive space to connect, process and heal.

Facilitated by an experienced addictions counsellor, we keep our groups small for an intimate experience. With 8 or less participants, we run multiple groups per week at a variety of times, including evenings and weekends.


$1500.00 for one year

$750.00 for six months

$375.00 for three months

Intensive Outpatient Program

An Intensive Outpatient Program can be a great alternative to a residential treatment centre. It was designed for those who need more support that individual or group therapy alone can provide. It’s a full treatment program that is proven to be as effective as residential treatment for most individuals (Psychiatr Serv. 2014 Jun 1; 65(6): 718–726.)

And Wagon’s program is facilitated entirely online, making it a great option for those who don’t have access to support for addiction in your community.

Our IOP is an in-depth, short-term program that provides 9 hours of therapy and support each week.  Those 10 hours are made up of 4 hours of group psycho-education, 3 hours of group therapy, 2 hours of DBT skills group and one individual session per week. Each client will also have use of the Wagon app through the duration of the program.

The 12-week curriculum is designed to give you a thorough understanding of the underlying causes of addiction as well as a variety of skills and techniques for recovery. The program includes:

  • Education on addiction
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Dialectic Behavioural Therapy
  • Relapse prevention techniques
  • Group therapy sessions
  • Individual therapy sessions
  • Healthy living practices
  • Wagon Recovery Plan
  • Homework

A continuous enrollment means that you can start the program any time. Our Intensive Outpatient Program takes place during the evenings so that you can continue to participate in work and family life while receiving high-quality treatment.

Cost: $5000.00 for 3 month program. 

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Wagon Features

Set custom reminders and get notifications on your phone about what goals you still need complete.

Your personalized recovery plan is made up of daily, weekly, monthly and one-time goals. You’ll check them off as you complete them, and you and your counsellor may update and change goals as you progress in your recovery.

Each evening, you’ll answer a few questions about feelings, triggers, abstinence and more. This will help you and your counsellor determine your patterns and create coping strategies to manage difficult times.

Check in on your progress and see where you’ve been doing well and where you need to concentrate more effort. Your counsellor will also be able to see this, and will help advise you on how to manage your time.

You can turn to your SOS section whenever you feel like you need some support. Read over your coping strategies or call someone in your support network.

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