Pricing Options

Our Programs:

  • Coaching: $150.00 per month for 15 minutes, $300.00 per month for 30 minutes
  • Individual Counselling: $150.00 per session
  • Aftercare: $1500.00 for one year, $750.00 for six months, $375.00 for three months
  • Tax is charged based on the province you live in.

For treatment centres and health care providers:

Wagon is available to health care providers like treatment centres, outpatient clinics, individual practitioners and sober living houses for an annual fee. Wagon fits well into outpatient programs, continuing care programs and as a tool for wait list management. Wagon is your program; you set the clinical norms, the frequency of contact with patients and the goal list. We’ll support you through implementation, sharing what has been successful in other programs and helping you create a roll-out plan that sets you up for success.

Your annual fee will be based on the number of patients you plan to onboard. We’ll provide all of the training, technical support and data storage. We’re always adding new features, so your input on what features work best for your population will be valuable.

If you are a publicly funded treatment centre in Ontario, you qualify for our Vendor of Record pricing agreement with the Ontario Telemedicine Network.

For more pricing information, please call 888-767-3711 or email us.