Individual Counselling

Individual Counselling

Get Mental Health Support in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Individual counselling is often the starting place for those who are struggling with depression, anxiety, or trauma. Through our counselling sessions, you’ll receive the support you need from a caring and compassionate counsellor in your own home. In your individual session, you can explore the deeper issues surrounding your mental health problems.

Our therapists are trained to support depression, anxiety, relationship issues, stress, mild trauma and more. Not only will we help you explore these issues, we’ll help you set goals to ensure you make steady progress. We may also recommend other treatment supports, if necessary. Our 50-minute sessions can be booked evenings, weekends, and during business hours, to accommodate your schedule.

Cost: $150.00 per session

Other Mental Health Programs

Intensive Outpatient Program

An Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) can be a great alternative to a residential treatment program. The EHN Online IOP was designed for patients who need more intensive treatment and structure than individual or group therapy alone can provide. It’s a full treatment program that can be as effective as residential treatment for many individuals who need low or moderate levels of care.