Recovery Coaching

Recovery Coaching

Create a Custom Recovery Plan to Ensure Success

EHN Online Recovery Coaching focuses on providing encouragement, support and guidance. Our experienced addiction counsellors will work with you to create a custom recovery plan that addresses your specific challenges.

Each week, you will connect with your counsellor for a 15- or 30-minute video coaching session where you’ll review your goal completion and the feelings and triggers you’ve logged that week. You and your counsellor will focus on strategies that will help you achieve your goals, manage your feelings and address barriers to maintaining your recovery. Throughout the week, your counsellor will monitor your progress, and you may receive emails based on how you’re doing.

This program goes great together with group therapy. That way, you get the benefits of both group conversations and one-on-one attention. Sessions can be booked throughout the week, evenings and weekends.

Note: This program is often facilitated by clinicians who are in the last few months of their Master’s Degree. EHN Canada is committed to supporting and encouraging student clinicians. However, we only hire students who have at least five years of experience in addiction treatment and are completing master’s programs in counselling psychology, social work, etc.

Other Programs

Individual Counselling

Individual counselling is often the starting place for those who want to explore their relationship with drugs and alcohol. Through EHN Online, you’ll receive the support you need from a caring and compassionate counsellor in the comfort of your own home.

Group Therapy

Group therapy sessions provide you with a chance to connect and process with others similar situations. You may feel like you are alone or that you are the only one struggling, but you’re not. Our patients consistently report feeling that their groups are safe and supportive space to connect, process, and heal.

Intensive Outpatient Program

An Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) can be a great alternative to a residential treatment program. The EHN Online IOP was designed for patients who need more intensive treatment and structure than individual or group therapy alone can provide. It’s a full treatment program that can be as effective as residential treatment for many individuals who need low or moderate levels of care.