Intensive Outpatient Program (Mental Health)

Intensive Outpatient Program

An Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is specifically designed for individuals who need more support than individual counselling but less than a residential treatment centre. Our Mood and Anxiety IOP was designed to treat mild or moderate anxiety, depression, stress and mild trauma, using the most effective therapeutic methods. This 8-week program will provide you with a wide variety of skills to help manage your depression or anxiety.

With 9 hours of therapy per week, our program consists of four 2-hour groups and one individual session each week, all taking place online. And once you complete the program, you get one weekly group therapy session for the rest of the year. This will help you stay well and continue to put in practice the skills you learned during your program.

The program includes:

· Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

· Dialectic Behavioural Therapy

· Behavioural Activation Therapy

· Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

· Individual Psychotherapy OR Occupational Therapy

· Homework

· 10 months ongoing group therapy

With continuous enrollment, you can start the program anytime. We take new clients every Monday.

Cost: $5000.000 for 8 weeks Intensive Outpatient and 10 months Aftercare.

*We are currently taking registrations for this program. The first days of the program is scheduled for June 22nd, 2020

Other Mental Health Programs

Individual Counselling

Individual counselling is often the starting place for those who are struggling with sadness, anxiety or stress. Through our counselling sessions, you’ll receive the support you need from a caring and compassionate counsellor in your own home. In your individual session, you can explore the deeper issues surrounding your mental health.

Group Therapy