For Clinicians

For Clinicians

Wagon was designed for clinicians by clinicians in order to improve outcomes and provide better patient care. With an interactive recovery plan and real-time completion data from your patients, you’ll always have a current record of each patients progress. You’ll be able to manage patients effectively and efficiently; as soon as you log in to Wagon, you’ll be able to see which patients are most at-risk.

Wagon is available as for a yearly license fee based on the number of patients you serve each year. Included in the license is:

  • Access to the online dashboard for an unlimited number of clinicians
  • All technical support for clinicians and patients
  • All new updates to the software
  • Customized one day training session
  • Implementation support meetings for clinicians and management

You’ll create a custom recovery plan for each patient. With a list of 120 possible goals, and the option to create your own goals, you are building a plan that’s tailored to the needs of each patient. And plans can be updated at any time, so that you can keep patients moving forward.

At any given time, you can get an up to date look at how many of their goals your patients are meeting. You’ll learn which types of goals they make the most effort in, and where they need to improve. Use this information to understand why your patient is or isn’t meeting their goals, and work with them accordingly.

The daily review will provide you with an accurate log of emotions, triggers, resentments, isolation and honesty. Instead of spending time reviewing how the week went, make the most of your session by beginning the discussion right away. After your discussion, create coping strategies and update goals to reflect the experiences of the patient.

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